Evolution or Big Bang theory

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The A team is ahead, Cyril Ramaphosa is President and his people have been moving into place, the positive effect on the homes market will be felt.

Even if we are not yet seeing people being brought to account - and, therefore not yet seeing consequences - it is common sense that self-preservation will ultimately prevail....and there will be a drifting of support from the B Team to the A Team. This is good for stability, normality and the property market.

The B team has benefitted for a decade from corruption and illegitimate tenders but the 'tap' is being turned off. Human nature is to follow the power, to support the strong man. Maybe a bottom up process has started where those 'outed' by the Zondo and other commissions and through brave and excellent journalism will move toward the A team, an evolution, and with them come their followers. Possibly  saving the ANC from the unpredictable consequences of bringing charges immediately to those in the spotlight, incurring a 'big bang' outcome.

Commissions of Inquiry, along with shrill whistle blowing and sheer good investigative journalism, must by now be creating major discomfort for the B Team of perpetrators. This must be providing some huge incentives for people to play straight; to remedy their wrongs; and care for their futures. Humanity's natural instinct of self-preservation and looking after the side their bread is buttered will prevail.

Maybe delaying the inevitable legal processes will be a less dramatic way of healing the rifts that exist in the ANC and in so doing bring positive sentiment to the economy and the property market sooner.    

Author: Ronald Ennik

Submitted 21 Jun 19 / Views 431