SA's most diverse and high-end suburb

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SA’s most diverse and high-end suburb

Houghton could be South Africa’s most cosmopolitan top-end suburb, says luxury homes marketer Ronald Ennik.

The Upper Houghton Residents’ Association website opens with the quote “Love thy neighbour as thyself, but choose your neighbourhood” (Louise Beal).

Leafy and well wooded Houghton has emerged as the number one neighbourhood of choice for a diversity of post-democracy prime residential property investors who have been moving house north of the Joburg CBD.

“So much so”, says luxury homes marketer Ronald Ennik, “that Houghton – and specifically Lower Houghton – has morphed into what could now be the most cosmopolitan top end suburb in South Africa.”

Once described by Britain’s Guardian newspaper as “the richest, most Jewish, most liberal constituency” in South Africa, Houghton has deep roots in the country’s transformation. Its late iconic MP Helen Suzman was for many years the sole anti-apartheid voice in the pre-democracy Parliament.

“While Lower Houghton today remains a wealthy area, with a still-large Jewish profile, there has been a seismic shift in its demographics,” says the founder and CEO of Christie’s International-affiliated Ennik Estates.

“Not only that, but there has also been a change in the dynamics of its once staid and predictable residential property market,” Ronald adds.

“Although the transformation has been under way for some time, it began to gain firm traction when Nelson Mandela first bought in the neighbourhood in the 1990s – and it has gathered momentum ever since.

“One of the most significant by-products of the process is an increased tempo of buyer interest, which is providing welcome (and profitable) sell opportunities for empty nesters and other traditionally long-term Lower 

Author: Ronald Ennik

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