2019 Show day home-selling set for seasonal uptick

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With the Highveld Spring now clearly on the horizon, the height of the 2019 home show day season is set to roll out - as it does at this time every year.

It is a time when passive buyers tend to become active. A period when there is usually more see-and-do, than wait-and-see, in the Johannesburg/Sandton residential property market. 

Granted, the buy/sell tempo will remain restricted to a large extent by the persistent poor socio-economic and -political challenges the country continues to face - not least the factional contretemps that is now seemingly unfolding in the higher echelons of politics and in the courts. 

To buy a house, you need to personally experience the house. The digital route is no substitute at this point.

Advice to buyers

Therefore, my advice to would-be buyers is to start getting into a routine of saving this year's Spring and Summer Sunday afternoons in order to visit as many show days as possible - to see as much as you can, and ask many questions along the way.

That is the best - and, I believe, only - way to assess a house accurately and attentively enough to decide if it is tailored pretty much to fit their needs, and offers the lifestyle they want.

Conversely, homeowners who cling like ivy to the 'view-by-appointment" formula will more than likely sell themselves short.

The reality is that Sunday show days remain vital to achieving the best outcome both on selling and buying a home - not least because at least 40 per cent of buyers are averse to visiting 'for-sale' homes on weekdays. Their schedules are too full these days.

A structured marketing campaign - with show days, through sole mandate, as its centerpiece - is and will remain - the best route to securing maximum price.

Why a show day?                              

Here are just some of the good reasons to have a Sunday show day if you're a seller and some good reasons to visit a show day if you're a buyer.


·      The show house can be "stage set" to look its best.

·      Many buyers can view the house over a period of hours rather than weeks.

·      If the house is not on show, the target market is inevitably halved - because many buyers will visit houses only on show days.

·      More prospective buyers view the property in a much shorter time

·      Buyers are able to make comparisons more quickly by viewing other show houses on the same day.

·      The buyer has the freedom to discuss the property in an uninhibited way, as the seller is not normally present.

·      The seller avoids the inconvenience - particularly on weekdays - of constantly preparing the home for viewing by appointment.

·      Neighbors are able to see the property and possibly tempt friends or relatives to live near them.


-       Buyers can view a number of properties at their leisure.

-       They are able to show/bring family or advisors.

-       Buyers are able to discuss their needs and the property freely.

-       Buyers are able to ask questions and build a relationship with the local agent.

-       They are able to experience the properties using all their senses. And notice aspects not evident online.

-       Show days create an advantage to see many properties in a short period of time. Essential to establish correct values in the neighborhood.

Author: Ronald Ennik

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